Monday, December 3, 2007

We don't need another drug store

This map shows the 10 pharmacies located within 2.5 miles of the proposed Walgreens (6 within 1 mile!). As anyone can see, our neighborhood is already benefiting from plenty of competition. Adding another competitor isn't likely to improve the service or prices we enjoy today.

Those stores include:
  1. Kerr Drug (2190 Lawndale Dr)
  2. Target Pharmacy (2600 Lawndale Dr)
  3. Harris Teeter (2639 Lawndale Dr)
  4. Rite-Aid (1700 Battleground Ave)
  5. Custom Care Pharmacy (2500 Battleground Ave)
  6. Rite-Aid (2998 Northline Ave)
  7. Gate City Pharmacy (803 Friendly Center Rd)
  8. CVS Pharmacy(3000 Battleground Ave)
  9. Phar Merica (749 Simpson St)
  10. Walgreens (3703 Lawndale Dr)


Anonymous said...

Why in Hell would a new Walgreens be less than 2 miles from the one at Pisgah Church and Lawndale. These people are nuts!

bikewalla said...

We have a lot of work to do beyond this issue if we are going to save Lawndale. If we are not proactive and get ahead of of these issue we will be fighting this battle over and over again until all of the residences on Lawndale are gone.
Our House would be gone as well if we did not have the good fortune to grab it before another buyer who would have demolished it for parking!

2412 Lawndale

41 years in Kirkwood said...

I have to be honest with you. I'm not sure that bull dozing nine rental houses is really such
a bad thing, granted, I'm not wild about a large Walgreens going up there either.

I"M more concerned about the large number of homes in Kirkwood that are now rentals.

The biggest threat to Kirkwood/Ivering park is not a Walgreens, but the Lemans Apartments on the corner of Lawndale and Cone. Call the
management and ask them what percentage of the tenants are section 8, group homes, or
drug step down homes, you'd be surprised. Then call the police and ask them how many calls
and what types of calls they have had to the apartment's
again, you'd be surprised. This type of property can kill
a neighborhood, just look at the Glennwood neighborhood.

pmw on rosecrest said...

I live in one of the rental houses in the Lawndale/Cornwallis block. I have lived in the neighborhood for 5 years. I love this area of Greensboro and growing up in the Greensboro area, I have always admired the Kirkwood neighborhood with its green covering, quaint houses and beautiful streets. When the opportunity came for me to join the community, I was elated. However, because I am a single mom, it was a better choice for me to rent rather than to buy a home.

I never realized the stereotypes and prejudices that surround people who rent property. Should the same prejudices be attached to someone who leases her car rather than buys it? I pay my rent just like you pay your mortgage. My rent pays city taxes, I pay property taxes for my car and my business. I take care of my yard, my home and from the looks of the yards and houses in this block so does most everyone else. I have invested time and money into my home. I have planted new trees, shrubs and flowers in order to beautify my yard and keep the neighborhood looking nice. I have never committed a crime, nor had to have the police come to my home.

There are homeowners that don't take care of their houses and yards and even homeowners who commit crimes and have the police called to their home.

I don't want this block bulldozed, but I also don't want to move from the house I live in that has character and is the place I call home, but more importantly I, just like you that pay a mortgage, want to preserve the neighborhood that I live in and love.

Instead of treating renters like criminals, low-lifes and invaders in your community, try a little community spirit. Just remember when you make stereotypical comments about renters like the ones Evelyn Miller made at the Zoning Commission meeting you are talking about people who have chosen to rent, but are in actuality real people just like you. I am one of those people and don't deserve the comments that have continuously been handed out.

I am a part of this community and even despite the degrading comments that have been made, I want to continue to live here and I want to save Lawndale/Cornwallis just like you!

41 years in Kirkwood said...

Your Point is well taken.

When I moved into my current house 20 years ago there were 2 rentals on my street. As of today it is now 70% rental. I've had collage kids partying all hours of the day and night, I've had a drug dealer on my street for over 6 years.(yes, Kirkwood had a drug dealer in it) The house across the street has not had a tenant stay in it for more the 6 months
in the past 7 years. I can't begin to tell you how many times
we have had to call absentee property owners to come over
and cut the knee high grass, or ask them to have their renter
remove old cars that they've decided to just park in the yard,
or come over and get the trash they have thrown out the front door
out in the yard!

I'm sorry if you think I'm stereotyping, but my experience with most renters has not been that great. I would welcome you
or anyone els who rents and takes care of the property to move on my street, but right now it just is not happening.

I still belive that the
apartments "Lemans on Lawndale" is a real threat to Kirkwood, not a development that has a Walgreens
(which I'm not wild about either) and nine high end town homes.

I keep hearing people talk about the traffic, and they are right, but they need to be careful with that argument. Several years ago when they were rezoning the property on the corner of Battleground and Pisgah Church, the neighbors made the same argument. When it came time to rezone, the argument was made by city counsel that a corner with that much traffic could not be expected to remain residential.
It is now a CVS drugstore and the Wine Warehouse