Monday, December 3, 2007

Join us!

Please join us in launching an active opposition to this commercial mixed-use rezoning request in order to defeat it. The Greensboro Zoning Commission denied the request on Nov. 12, and now the developers are appealing that decision to the City Council.

We agree with the Zoning Staff that denial is appropriate for the following reasons:

The proposal is incompatible with the single family residential character of the neighborhood.

It will create significant negative impacts on the neighborhood.

It will create a destabilizing situation which will put pressure on additional residential lots to convert to nonresidential land uses.

It is located at an intersection which already experiences traffic circulation problems and heavy congestion.

This area is not lacking for commercial services within easy walking distance and there is plenty of existing development to accommodate the passing motorist.


Willow Oak said...

This is a beautiful block. Keep it residential and fight the rezoning!

Joe Wilson said...

Now we are talking ! I can't say how proud I am of the effort,when citizens join together for a common cause we all win.Count me in.
Signed ,Joe Wilson

Stayss said...

There really isn't much more to be said on the issue; I must have missed the edict that every corner must be occupied by a CVS, Walgreens and Eckerd pharmacy. Anyone who has ever driven that section of Lawndale (live in the neighborhood or not) and appreciated the arching, aged trees, branches touching over the street...and would care to see a Walgreens at the corner, I'm speechless, really.
I don't want to speak for everyone, but it seems we already have a Walgreens directly across from the Fresh Market on LAWNDALE if we so choose to purchase from them. I believe we have 5 in town, from High Point Rd. to Elm St., and I think that's sufficient. I will see you all at the meeting Thursday.

angie said...

I have witnessed 2 serious car accidents at that intersection and was almost involved in one. We do not need any other retailer occupying that corner and adding to what is already a congested area.
Sorry I missed the meeting.

A Citizen said...

Have you seen our website-same story different town