Friday, December 21, 2007

Lawndale-Cornwallis has been saved!

This morning, Dec. 21, developers requesting a rezoning for the corner block of Lawndale and Cornwallis for Walgreens store withdrew their request. This is most welcome news for the neighborhood!
We thank all Greensboro residents from around the city who joined our neighborhood effort to oppose this development proposal. Many of you offered moral support and financial support to help cover our sign expenses. Some of you even attended our neighborhood meeting and became just as active in writing City Council members, writing letters to the Editor, and posting comments on this blog as those who reside in our immediate neighborhood. We are gratified by your willingness to work hard on our behalf, and we credit you for having elevated our local cause into a city-wide issue. We always believed this would be a test case for the new Council, and those of you who live in the broader Greensboro community have helped make it so. We believe that the plan was withdrawn because it would have faced certain defeat if it had come before the City Council. This turn of events is good news for our neighborhood and for other neighborhoods who feel vulnerable to the threat of commercial development where they live.

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Stacey said...

Anne and everyone:
Congratulations!!! What a great early Christmas present. Thank you so much for taking the time and considerable effort to rally everyone.
Outstanding work and I truly appreciate all that you have done on our collective behalf.